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40 Maps That Will Help You Make Sense of the World

Newman sumitted ago via (Views: 138, Clicks: 53)  
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Maps, charts and infographics can really help bring data and information to life. Maps can make a point resonate with readers and this collection aims to do just that.

0 comments | Tags: world maps metric system stem education global collaboration | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Kentucky students might have to use pencil, paper for ACT Inc. test

Kbuck sumitted ago via (Views: 149, Clicks: 6)  
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Kentucky high school students taking required end-of-course tests this year have two options: take them at a time that won't crash the online system or do them the old way, using pencil and paper. Those limitations for testing stem from glitches that have not been resolved with Kentucky's online system for required high school end-of-course tests, according to Kentucky Education Commissioner Terry Holliday.

2 comments | Tags: kentucky act inc. end of instruction tests kentucky department of education tech readiness | Topic: Secondary BAD >_<

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Oklahoma education official in charge of statewide testing to resign

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 97, Clicks: 23)  
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Maridyth McBee, the state's assistant superintendent for accountability and assessments, has resigned from her post but will stay on the job until March 14. She is in charge of statewide testing at public schools, and some educators have expressed concern that her last day comes weeks before April testing.

2 comments | Tags: state leadership oklahoma department of education maridyth mcbee 2014 wes bruce | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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PARCC: Florida’s Departure Won’t Sink Next Generation Test

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 108, Clicks: 6)  
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Florida Legislative leaders left no wiggle room in last week’s letter to Education Commissioner Tony Bennett: They want Florida to pull out of a multi-state partnership developing a next generation standardized test to (mostly) replace the FCAT.

1 comments | Tags: florida parcc common core state standards controversy | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Amid grading controversy, Florida education chief Tony Bennett resigns

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 116, Clicks: 6)  
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Tony Bennett resigned Thursday as Florida education commissioner following two days of controversy over school grades in his home state of Indiana.

1 comments | Tags: florida tony bennett parcc indiana common core state standards | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Florida education chief Tony Bennett resigns

Newman sumitted ago via (Views: 155, Clicks: 6)  
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Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett resigned Thursday, three days after news broke that he had changed the grade of a donor's charter school while Indiana's education chief. Bennett's abrupt departure sparked criticism that his actions hurt the credibility of Florida's school-accountability system. Some called for reforms, while others praised Bennett and were sad to see him go.

1 comments | Tags: florida tony bennett indiana parcc common core state standards | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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PARCC Sees Dip in Confidence Poll of Washington 'Insiders'

Sculb sumitted ago via (Views: 79, Clicks: 5)  
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Catherine Gewertz -- It hasn't been an easy few weeks for PARCC, one of the two assessment consortia. Some of its members have gotten the jitters or dropped out altogether, including one that pulled out on the very day the group announced what its tests would cost. That tumultuous series of events is showing up in a poll of a small group of Washington power brokers. The poll, by Whiteboard Advisors, shows confidence in PARCC at a low.

1 comments | Tags: catherine gewertz common core state standards parcc controversy | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Computer Science Gets Plug in House Bill to Revise ESEA

Skinner sumitted ago via (Views: 56, Clicks: 5)  
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Erik Robelen -- Although many STEM education advocates were opposed to the House bill approved earlier this month to rewrite the No Child Left Behind law, a bipartisan amendment to promote computer-science education was successfully inserted during floor debate. The change basically makes clear that computer-science educators are eligible for the professional-development assistance provided through the reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act.

1 comments | Tags: elementary and secondary education act computer science erik robelen stem education | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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School officials look ahead to upcoming year

eduK8 sumitted ago via (Views: 75, Clicks: 16)  
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Norman Superintendent Joe Siano is calling 2013/2014 an “application year,” as the district will capitalize on staying ahead of the curve in upcoming state reforms.

1 comments | Tags: norman public schools joe siano common core state standards shirley simmons | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Sorry, Arkansas Schools, You Can't Just Load Up on Guns

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 48, Clicks: 5)  
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The Associated Press reported Tuesday on a safety program in Clarksville, Ark., where the district plans to arm over 20 teachers and staff members throughout its public schools, because of a state law that allows schools to hire armed security guards. So, the district reasoned, it could thoroughly train teachers to double as armed guards. Problem solved!

0 comments | Tags: sandy hook elementary school zero tolerance school climate school security arkansas | Topic: Teaching Jobs BAD >_<

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The Case of the Missing Zeroes

Skinner sumitted ago via (Views: 52, Clicks: 5)  
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Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett resigned Thursday amid claims that, in his former position as superintendent of public instruction in Indiana, he manipulated the state’s system for evaluating school performance. Bennett, a Republican who created an A-to-F grading protocol for Indiana schools as a way to promote educational accountability, is accused of raising the mark for a school operated by a major GOP donor.

0 comments | Tags: a-f grades florida tony bennett indiana rick hess | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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ELL Advocates Call for PARCC Tests in Spanish

Newman sumitted ago via (Views: 62, Clicks: 5)  
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Lesli A. Maxwell -- A tricky issue facing both groups of states designing common tests for English/language arts and mathematics is whether to make native-language assessments available for students who are still learning English.

1 comments | Tags: lesli a. maxwell english language learners parcc spanish-language assessments league of united latin american citizens | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Richmond County teachers train on making high schoolers ready for college, careers

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 93, Clicks: 5)  
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More than 300 educators in Richmond County, Ga., spent three days learning about hands-on activities and literacy strategies to enhance their instruction in science, technology, engineering and math as the district implements the Common Core State Standards. "It's not enough now just for the student to get the answer right. They have to explain it and justify their answers, even in math," said Maxine Vaughn, a middle-school special-education teacher.

1 comments | Tags: common core state standards professional development richmond county georgia stem education | Topic: Secondary BAD >_<

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Christie Spars With GOP Again, This Time Over Education Standards

Newman sumitted ago via (Views: 80, Clicks: 5)  
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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican who hasn’t backed down from fighting with the GOP, took on his fellow party members once again last week when he said they were wrong for opposing new education standards.

1 comments | Tags: chris christie common core state standards rand paul controversy | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Matt Damon: where did it all go right for the leftwing activist, devoted dad and intelligent action star?

Kbuck sumitted ago via (Views: 94, Clicks: 5)  
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Matt Damon, a father of four (three daughters, aged seven, five and three, and a stepdaughter, 15), is moving his family from New York to Los Angeles, and the challenge of giving them a childhood that remotely resembles the one he enjoyed is about to get even harder. Choosing a school has already presented a major moral dilemma.

2 comments | Tags: jeb bush florida matt damon | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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