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Graduation rate gains for African American and Hispanic students in Montgomery

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 54, Clicks: 4)  
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Four-year graduation rates in Montgomery County show a slight narrowing of the achievement gap that separates white and Asian students from their African American and Hispanic peers, according to the latest state figures.

1 comments | Tags: montgomery county maryland high school graduation rates achievement gap joshua p. starr | Topic: Secondary BAD >_<

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No Girls, Blacks, or Hispanics Take AP Computer Science Exam in Some States

Newman sumitted ago via (Views: 50, Clicks: 4)  
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Liana Heitin -- A new analysis of test-taking data finds that in Mississippi and Montana, no female, African American, or Hispanic students took the Advanced Placement exam in computer science. In fact, no African-American students took the exam in a total of 11 states, and no Hispanic students took it in eight states, according to state comparisons of College Board data compiled by Barbara Ericson, the director of computing outreach and a senior research scientist at Georgia Tech.

1 comments | Tags: liana heitin ap computer science advanced placement achievement gap college board | Topic: Secondary BAD >_<

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No answers yet for failed math exams in Montgomery

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 43, Clicks: 4)  
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Montgomery County schools officials plan to survey students taking high school final exams in math next week about how they think about and prepare for the biggest test of the semester, as school leaders explore the causes of steep failure rates on the countywide tests.

2 comments | Tags: montgomery county maryland end of instruction tests achievement gap math curriculum | Topic: Secondary BAD >_<

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How a Learning Gap Grows

Skinner sumitted ago via (Views: 39, Clicks: 4)  
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Lucy N. Friedman -- Families of means are so determined to help their kids acquire skills for lifelong success that they'll spend what they can, opening up a skyrocketing gap between what parents in the top income bracket and those in the bottom spend on their kids' educational enrichment. As children grow, those gaps widen significantly.

2 comments | Tags: the after-school corporation educational enrichment achievement gap poverty parental involvement | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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For Most Young Refugees From Syria, School Is as Distant as Home

MrGreen sumitted ago via (Views: 34, Clicks: 4)  
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Of the more than two million Syrian refugees in the region, about 865,000 are children, and most of them are not in enrolled in school, Unicef said.

1 comments | Tags: syria unicef lebanon academic vocabulary achievement gap | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Minneapolis Schools Consider Suspension Alternatives to Address Race Gap

PiGuy sumitted ago via (Views: 36, Clicks: 4)  
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Evie Blad -- The Minneapolis school board will consider a new disciplinary policy Tuesday that would de-emphasize suspensions and introduce alternative disciplinary measures, such as "restorative conversations," in part to ease discrepancies in disciplinary trends between racial groups.

1 comments | Tags: minneapolis minnesota achievement gap evie blad restorative conversations school discipline procedures | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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L.A. school board's us-versus-them dynamic doesn't help students

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 50, Clicks: 5)  
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The polarizing question has become: Which poor children matter most in a district that can't call on much of a middle class?

1 comments | Tags: los angeles unified school district poverty ipads achievement gap federal funding | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Understanding the Cognitive Demands of Poverty on our Students

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 51, Clicks: 4)  
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Zac Chase - New Jersey shoppers and Indian sugarcane farmers might have something to teach us about poverty and cognitive load. An article in the August issue of the magazine Science examined the possibilities of a causal effect between considerations of poverty and study participants' abilities to perform cognitively-demanding tasks.

1 comments | Tags: zac chase poverty cognitive capacity achievement gap | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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After-School Activities Make Educational Inequality Even Worse

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 58, Clicks: 4)  
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How middle-class parents use soccer, ballet, and chess to solidify their children's advantage over others.

1 comments | Tags: competitive kid capital middle-class children poverty hilary levey friedman achievement gap | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Unequal Opportunity to Learn Not Limited to Classroom, Author Finds

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 75, Clicks: 4)  
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Alyssa Morones - For children, unequal opportunity to learn isn't limited to their experience in school, according to Hilary Levey Friedman, author of Playing to Win: Raising Children in a Competitive Culture. Middle- and upper-class children also receive a competitive edge from the activities they participate in outside of school.

1 comments | Tags: middle-class children competitive kid capital hilary levey friedman achievement gap poverty | Topic: Other BAD >_<

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Study: Poor children are now the majority in American public schools in South, West

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 228, Clicks: 8)  
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A majority of students in public schools throughout the American South and West are low-income for the first time in at least four decades, according to a new study that details a demographic shift with broad implications for the country.

3 comments | Tags: poverty achievement gap southern education foundation campaign for educational equity | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Five Things Most People Don't Know About Poverty & Student Achievement

MrGreen sumitted ago via (Views: 113, Clicks: 4)  
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Eric Jensen - Since 1970, the dollar has lost 80% of its purchasing power. Those in lower or middle class, on a fixed income, lose the most. The inflation is a result of government debt and printing money. While it's true that depressed job markets have some correlations with greater poverty, the greatest factors are rarely talked about:marriage rates;high school graduation;"job ready" life skills.

1 comments | Tags: peter dewitt eric jensen career readiness poverty achievement gap | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Report: 80 percent of kindergartners school-ready in Montgomery, 73 in Prince George’s

Newman sumitted ago via (Views: 69, Clicks: 4)  
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Maryland was among the first states to administer a comprehensive test of skills for kindergarten students. The assessment gives educators and policymakers a picture of where students are and what the achievement gap looks like at the starting line. Results have helped inform policy decisions in Maryland over the past decade that led to universal full-day kindergarten and publicly funded pre-kindergarten available for all children from low-income families.

1 comments | Tags: maryland kindergarten assessments achievement gap school readiness | Topic: Early Childhood BAD >_<

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More schools opening Advanced Placement courses to all students

MrGreen sumitted ago via (Views: 56, Clicks: 6)  
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Some students may not be adequately prepared for the rigorous classes and high achievers may be shut out. But supporters see equal access as an educational right.

0 comments | Tags: advanced placement college board equity achievement gap thomas b. fordham institute | Topic: Secondary BAD >_<

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High rates of exam failure in Montgomery lead to action plans, school by school

PiGuy sumitted ago via (Views: 124, Clicks: 15)  
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Each of Montgomery County’s 25 high schools has created an action plan to identify and support students who need help in math, as part of an effort designed to boost student success overall and improve grades on final exams. The initiative follows widespread concern in Montgomery about high rates of failing grades on high school final exams. Figures came to light in the spring showing a majority of 30,000 students taking exams in seven math courses did not pass the end-of-semester test.

1 comments | Tags: montgomery county maryland end of instruction tests achievement gap math curriculum | Topic: Secondary BAD >_<

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