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The Third-Grade Crackdown Club

Kbuck sumitted ago via (Views: 41, Clicks: 5)  
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Nancy Flanagan -- Flunked. Held back. Retained. It's failure, no matter what you call it. Imposed by adults, some of whom honestly believe they're instituting a kind of academic tough love--or at least, raising collective achievement data. Suffered by children who struggle with learning, for any one of a galaxy of reasons.

1 comments | Tags: nancy flanagan michigan 3rd grade retention reading american legislative exchange council | Topic: Elementary/Primary BAD >_<

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Political group Progress Iowa releases report detailing ALEC’s assault on public schools

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 52, Clicks: 4)  
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Progress Iowa has released a new report detailing the damaging influence the corporate front group ALEC has on public education policy. The report, ALEC v Kids, demonstrates the growing influence ALEC holds in Iowa and across the country, including its secretive access to elected officials and the drafting of ‘model’ education policy designed to benefit ALEC’s corporate funders which compliant lawmakers pass off as their own then push into law.

1 comments | Tags: progress iowa american legislative exchange council alec v kids community involvement | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Business interests influencing education laws in Virginia, report says

Newman sumitted ago via (Views: 62, Clicks: 4)  
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Report describes efforts by Arlington-based group to pass laws that divert public education funds to private companies.

2 comments | Tags: american legislative exchange council student performance virginia board of education a-f grades virginia | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Wyoming's New Chief Has Strong Ties to Common Core, ALEC

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 37, Clicks: 4)  
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Andrew Ujifusa -- Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead, a Republican, has selected Arizona Sen. Rich Crandall to be its next public schools chief, right on the heels of an investigative report into the state's previous chief, Cindy Hill, that uncovered potential mismanagement and illegal activity. Crandall has been serving as the chairman of the Senate Education Committee.

1 comments | Tags: wyoming matt mead rich crandall common core state standards american legislative exchange council | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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ALEC Releases Model Education Bills; Foes Not Satisfied

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 73, Clicks: 4)  
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Andrew Ujifusa -- ALEC hasn't been quite as much in the news as it was just over a year ago, but it is still considered a force in state policymaking circles. In education policy, ALEC has advocated for things like private-school vouchers, parent-trigger laws, and virtual education.

2 comments | Tags: andrew ujifusa american legislative exchange council school vouchers virtual schools education savings accounts | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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National conservative group’s ‘model legislation’ ends up becoming law in Oklahoma

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 150, Clicks: 13)  
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A national organization criticized recently for churning out prewritten bills to state legislatures across the country has been a platform for some of the more controversial laws passed in Oklahoma in recent years.

4 comments | Tags: evolution model legislation oklahoma american legislative exchange council alec | Topic: Other BAD >_<

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Ravitch: A primer on the group driving school reform

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 117, Clicks: 4)  
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Diane Ravitch -- ALEC is the guiding force behind state-level efforts to privatize public education and to turn teachers into at-will employees who may be fired for any reason. The ALEC agenda is today the “reform” agenda for education.

2 comments | Tags: valerie strauss diane ravitch school reform american legislative exchange council alec | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Controversial Policy Group Casts Long K-12 Shadow

Skinner sumitted ago via (Views: 162, Clicks: 5)  
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In nearly 40 years of legislative advocacy, the American Legislative Exchange Council—a free-market, limited-government group now drawing intense scrutiny for its support of a controversial self-defense law—has had a significant influence in K-12 education through its model legislation and work with state lawmakers to promote such policies as private school vouchers and “parent trigger” laws.

1 comments | Tags: alec parent trigger law american education american legislative exchange council report card on american education | Topic: Education Policy BAD >_<

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Report Card on American Education: Ranking State K-12 Performance, Progress, and Reform

nitajo sumitted ago via (Views: 147, Clicks: 4)  
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ALEC’s 17th edition of the Report Card on American Education contains a comprehensive overview of educational achievement levels (performance and gains for low-income students) for the 50 states and the District of Columbia (see full report for complete methodology).

3 comments | Tags: american legislative exchange council american education educational achievement levels alec | Topic: Other BAD >_<

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